Tangled – A Poem

Tangled amongst the sheets

With your tongue, you lick my nose.

I use my foot to scratch your leg

And feel your unshaven hair between my toes.


Sometimes you can be a bit fierce –

Why? I’ve got no clue.

But the best thing about us

Is that we never argue.


Sometimes you bite me a bit hard,

But I will still love you till the end.

They were not lying when they said

That “a dog is a man’s best friend”.

Evening Wear – A Poem/Short Story

It’s time to prepare my evening wear,

Because tonight I’m going to the fair.

I’m going to the fair with Claire.

We hope to buy a mare at the fair.


Me and Claire share an ice-cream at the fair,

But I drop some on my evening wear.

That is when I notice a long tear

In the area that covers my underwear!

However when opening the tear,

I realise that I am bare under there!

And then again to my despair,

I realise that I am actually in my day wear!


It is now time to go home from the fair

From which we never found a mare.


Upon entering my house,

I find my underwear and evening wear

Draped over the chair

At the top of the stair!

My Handle – A Poem

Out there it is

For all to see,

Unique as a fingerprint

And personal to me.


Even though I usually only post one poem a week, this was a short one, so I thought why not?! 😀