My Green Field – A Poem

One look over the fence

And I can’t help myself.

Frantically straddling the gate

As if tempted by bait!


Feet planting softly on the ground

Almost without a sound.

This skill, not only great,

But completely innate!


The feel of the grass

Between my toes

Is enough to make me

Forget all my woes.

But then I have a shock

And my heart skips a beat

As I fail to recall

When my shoes left my feet!


Shrugging, I walk towards

An overhanging tree

When I feel the grass

Tickle my knee.

I do a little jump

And wonder what’s going on,

Because when I look down

My trousers are gone!


While I am feeling

Particularly vexed,

I wonder which item

Of clothing will be next!


Panicking a little,

I look all around.

Though no one’s about

I still shrink to the ground.


I wouldn’t really mind

As long as no one sees.

In fact it gives me quite a thrill

Especially when there’s a breeze!


I decide that I do

Not care anymore –

Of the lush green grass

I just want more!

All of my clothes

To the grass I yield,

Jealousy surges through me –

I wish this was my green field.


This poem is for everyone who enjoys rolling around naked on other people’s properties.

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